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Final Fusion -- Jay Sankey -- card fuses to box

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This DVD by Jay Sankey teaches nine different handlings of a custom printed cardbox that allows you to apparently "fuse" a chosen card into the cardboard of the box.  (see the picture and you get the idea).

I think the best of the handlings is the one where you apparently fold the card around the box, place a rubber band around everything to hold the card in place.  Then a lighter (optiona) is waved under the box, and when the spectator removes the rubber bands, the card is now part of the box itself.   There is also a neat method for visibly sliding the folded card off the box at the end, leaving your spectator with a normal box and a normal (albeit, folded) card.   The slide-off finale takes a bit of set-up and is not as practicl as the fuse-on methods, but for a set show, it is very strong magic.

If I have to complain about anything on this DVD, it is Sankey's frequent lapses into improvised goofy comedy -- at times he seems to be possessed by the ghost of Robin Williams (only not as funny).   He goes off on inane humor that distracts from the magic.   But even this is worth sitting through to get to the neat magical ideas.

This DVD comes with TWO specially printed card cases.  You only need one for performance, but it gives you a spare or an alterate card value.   Opened for photos only, otherwise the DVD and props are brand new.

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