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Don`t Blink -- visual and fast mid-air card change

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A visual magic quickie.  This effect was simultaneously created by a number of magicians -- Bob Swadling had a version in the early 2000's, and recently Mark Mason and JB Magic have had a version called BLINK.   I call this version Don't Blink -- but it is basically the same thing as Blink.

Magician shows a card to audience, tosses it in the air, and it visually changes into another card.  Full face and back of the card is seen, before and after.  I prefer to have a card selected, show the Blink card as a duplicate of the selection (but of course, it is not a match).  So toss the incorrect card in the air and it changes to the selected card.  Just force the duplicate of the final Blink card, and yo uhave a memorable card revelation. 

Bicycle blue back poker card.

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