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Twister -- Jay Sankey -- clean fast key bend

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This DVD, put out by Jay Sankey, teaches a relatively easy method for doing a strong, fast effect with a key from your key chain.  (It includes the necessary props along with the DVD).

You show a key, have it examined, and then hold it at your fingertips -- the head visibly begins to turn 90 degrees, and you immediately drop the key into the spectator's hands for her to examine the key, which now has a big twist in the shaft.

This effect is good.  And Sankey teaches it in detail, including necessary switches (oops, did I give something away).   He goes at this effect in the way Marlo used to go at a good card effect, turning it over, and looking at it from many angles, offering many different ways to present it.  These include a method for doing the twist with a key that the spectator has initialed. 

As mentioned above, this effect is done with YOUR own key, not a borrowed key, but I always thought that bending a borrowed key was a pretty obnoxious thing to do -- I don't carry around a lot of useless keys on my key ring, so not likely my spectators do either.  So bending your own key makes more sense when you think about it.

Only one in stock, this one has been viewed, but is otherwise in perfect condition.

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