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Cocktail Cards -- colorful mental magic props

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This is a neat looking set of cards depicting drinks (mostly alcoholic, but some non-alcoholic) and comes with a booklet of 18 different routines using the cards.  Most of the routines are in a mentalism vein -- predictions of which drink, etc.   Some of the routines are more magical -- like a wild card effect (in which alcoholic drinks are all changed into milk).   Although the routines provided will keep you busy, I really like this set of cards because it stimulates my imagination to create other ways to use the cards.  Because they are colorful and unusual, they have an instant charismatic appeal for audiences who expect the standard deck of cards  designs.

A few complaints -- the cards do not handle as easily as they should.   They are a bit thicker than standard playing cards, and do not slide easily across each other.  (Fanning powder helps and I will apply some for you before I ship the item.)    Also, the drink names are very British, so for an American audience, it may sound a bit wierd to hear "a Tot of Brandy"  or a "Glass of Lime".   But I think this is a small drawback, given the interest that these card generate.

Get a set and start to play with the possibilities!

Brand new, with comprehensive 24 page booklet of instructions.

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