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Card Sandwich Effects -- Steve Branham (MAK)

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This DVD, put out by Mak Magic and featuring Steve Branham, teaches six basic methods for "sandwich" card revelations.   The card sandwich plot has been popular with magicians and lay audiences since the 1970's.  There are literally 1000's of sandwich effects out there (or dozens if you do not include those devised by Ed Marlo!)    

This DVD is a good BEGINNING introduction to the sandwich effect menu.   The effects and methods taught are excellent for a beginning card worker, as they use no (or only simple) sleight of hand.  But the effects are all interesting card reveals for lay audiences.

The best item on the DVD (in my opinion) is Mark Wilson's routine, in which a selected card is sandwiched between two red Queens, then it vanishes, and is found sandwiched between two black Queens in the middle of the deck.   But there are other goodies, like causing a selected card (from a red back deck) to appear between two Queens in a blue backed deck.   And a small packet version of UF Grant's Cheek-to-Cheek deck (which is not really a sandwich trick, but it is good, so no complaints!)

The methods are clearly taught, though Branham's performances are (in my opinion) sloppy.  But it does give you a good chance to see how NOT to get a break under the top card, or hold a break for a double-under cut.   So learn the tricks from the DVD, but take more time to practice and correctly perform them.

This DVD normally sells for $14.95 but I got a few at a good price (and $14.95 is too much for it), so get it from TMGS for less!

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