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Gambit -- great follow up to Vernons 5 card mental

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 I really like Dee Christopher's SIGHT -- (a nice pocket prop using the interlocking anagram principle to read the spectator's thoughts).   I also like GAMBIT -- a good, clean prediction of a freely chosen card.  And if you know Vernon's 5 card mental trick, you can use Gambit as a great follow up to that classic (as well as a safety net if the Vernon psychological force lets you down...)

Gambit looks like this:   You show a poker chip and put it on the table.  Next you let the spectator cut your deck of cards and you remove five cards from that spot.  The five cards are shown to be different, and dealt facedown on the table in a row.  The spectator mixes the facedown cards and then freely chooses one by placing the poker chip on it.   The other cards are turned faceup, still all different.  The spectator turns the chip over and finds a sticker on the chip's underside that says "Two of Diamonds" or "2D".  The chosen card is turned up and it is the two of diamonds.  

  (The card varies with each Gambit set, so your card will be different.  But once you have the instructions, you could easily make this up for whatever card you wanted -- and you could make it up in your favorite back design and color.  The necessary cards supplied here are RED backed Bicycle Rider back)

As mentioned above, I use this after performing Vernon's 5 card mental.  If the five card mental works (which it usually does), this makes a nice repeat with slight variation on the theme.   If by chance the Vernon trick misses, the follow-up with Gambit is sure-fire and redeems me!   I will include an extra page of instructions and ideas on using Gambit with Vernon's trick.   (You can look up Vernon's 5 Card mental Force in Encyclopedia of Card tricks pg 30, or Expert Card technique, pg 271 -- if nothing else Gambit deserves attention for getting me -- and maybe you, too -- to start doing Vernon's great trick on a regular basis!)

GAMBIT comes with the poker chip, a few special cards you will need, and DVD instructions.  PLUS, I will include my own TMGS Tip sheet, explaining how to do Gambit in conjunction with Vernon's classic mental routine.   You only get that here at TMGS.

Use your own RED backed Bicycle Rider deck.    Usually sells for $18 to $20, which is a bit pricey for what you get...  but I got a few of these at a great price so you can get one at a great price too.

Brand new and unused, with instructions.

(Just to avoid any misunderstandings, this listing is for GAMBIT, not SIGHT.  If you want Dee Christopher's SIGHT, check our other listings...)

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