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Clock Vision -- update on classic Color Vision

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I was excited when I saw this -- I thought it was a version of Tenyo's Nostradamus Clock (which is so cool, but also impossible to get now).   Well, it does look like the Tenyo item, but it is not gimmicked in the same way, and so it cannot be used to create the powerful premonition effect of Nostradamus Clock.   HOWEVER, it can still create a strong clairvoyance effect, and represents a worthwhile change to the classic Color Vision effect.   After all, with a clock hidden in the box, there are twelve different possible choices -- (twice as many as Color Vision's six different colors)    So I'm still excited about it.

The effect is this:  a small plastic clock dial is shown, along with a box -- the clock fits snugly into the box, and when inside the completely opque box, it is impossible to see the clock.   The magi rturns his back, and the spectator turns a small knob on the back of the clock, to set the clock at any of twelve possible hours.  The spectator puts the clock into the box, and the lid placed on, then it is handed to the magi behind his back.   The magi turns back to the spectator and puts the box (still sealed of course) on the table.  The spectator concentrates on the hour she chose, and the magi names it!

The effect is repeatable, and the props can be examined.  Color Vision has been a popular pocket trick ever since it was invented back in the 1930s.  This new version doubles the mystery.  It also has a nice feature -- the clock cannot be put into the box upside down, so you never need to worry about the problem this might create.

The manufacturer's name for this effect is TIME PREMONITION, but I renamed it because the effect is clairvoyance(sightless vision), not seeing the future.  (Tenyo's Nostradamus Clock does create a premonition effect, and so you should be clear that this effect is different from the Tenyo item.  But for Tenyo collectors, I think it is a good additon to the "Similar To Tenyo" section of your collection.)

Brand new with instructions.

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