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Power Aces (JUMBO) -- Aldo Colombini / Hofzinzer

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Aldo Colombini had a flare for creating practical, commercial magic, and it this case, he has taken a classic Hofzinzer plot and made it so simple and so clean that you will want to perform it in every show.  The effect remains powerful, but the handling is so easy that you can relax and take a breather right in the middle of your show!   Combine this with a beautifully made set of props by Meir Yedid Magic, and you have a true world-class winner.   Oh yeah, the last great element is when you buy it from TMGS, it costs less than if you buy it from Meir Yedid Magic!

Effect:    After the spectator chooses a card from a regular deck, the magi shows four (and there are only four, really) JUMBO cards -- 4.5 x 7 inches -- in a fan.  He says one of the cards matches the selected card.   They are the four aces, but the spectators card was not an Ace!   "I just meant one of the suits would match the suit of your card," explains the magi.  He closes the fan of cards and when they are re-fanned, the Ace of Spades has turned face down.   "Was your card a Spade?"  The spectator says yes.  "What was your card?"  The spectator says the Eight of Spades -- the magi pretends to mis-hear, and replies "Oh, so your card was the ACE of Spades!"   The spectator correct him, again telling him it was the EIGHT of Spades.  Slowly and cleanly, the reversed card is turned over and it is the Eight of Spades!  The Ace of Spades is gone!

Backs and faces of the cards are seen throughout the effect.  Despite the simplicity of the method, the cards are handled exactly as you would handle a fan of four ungimmicked Jumbo cards.  No false moves or suspicious moments.    The cards are slightly thicker than standard Jumbo cards, so they will stand up to "real world" performing conditions -- but not so thick as to be difficult to handle.     The back design is a distinctive Cheetah Design, which has nothing to do with the trick, but you can enjoy that the cards have a fancy and unusual look.

You'll need your own deck of regular cards (not included) and the instructions recommend a large envelope to hold the Jumbo cards (also not included), but you don;t really need to take the Jumbos from and envelope...

Last note:  when first released in the 1990's, this trick was made in Super Jumbo (11 x 14") cards.  The current version is made in standard Jumbo size, and that is what is for sale here.  The super jumbo version is no longer available.

Brand new, with instructions. 

I got a great deal on some extra inventory on these, so don't let the great TMGS price scare you off -- these are authentic, original MY Magic sets; not an inferior imitation!      TYPICAL RETAIL PRICE ON THIS ITEM IS $26.99  -- SAVE BIG $$ WITH THIS TMGS SPECIAL!!

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