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MONEY MAKER -- large, wood with metal knobs

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Save: $4.00
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The picture tells it all! This is a beautiful, large version of the classic visual effect!

The magician shows his marvelous invention, the Ronco Bill-o-matic, which is his ticket to wealth unlimited.   Put a blank piece of paper into the back of the rollers, turn the handles, and the paper instantly emerges as a real dollar bill!    (Do this thirty times and you have covered the purchase price! Just kidding!)      Put the one back in and crank it through, and it comes out a five.    Or put two fives in and merge them into one ten!

Use it to demonstrate how quickly Jeff Bezos makes money... Put a blank paper in the back, and in two seconds of turning the handles, it comes out a $100 bill (which is about how fast Bill's wealth increases).    Or it can show how Kim Kardashian makes money.  Show the blank paper (a MRI scan of Kim's mind) and feed it into the "reality TV machine", and you don't need to do anything (just like Kim), and the blank paper comes out as a $100 bill!

This prop is really great looking, and adds an air of credence to the effect that has otherwise been relegated to the plastic toy magic category. It is truly a beautiful illusion to see the blank paper go in as the real bill emerges! Don't miss this one! It is awesome!

This version has metal roller knobs which look great -- I have had these in the past with smaller plastic knobs, and this version is much nicer.

Brand new with instructions.   ($20 bill shown in picture is not included, but if you need one, I can sell it to you for $30).

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