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Spider in a Jar -- scary OTL routine from Chazpro

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As evidenced by many other items carried here at TMGS, we love the OTL (Out to Lunch) method, and think that it allows for a lot of great close-up magic.    Chuck Leach, at Chazpro Magic, has put together a few different effects based on the OTL principle, and Spider in a Jar is really great!   He has taken the OTL principle's deceptiveness, and combined it with an (almost) heart-stopping finish borrowed from the Jim Pace's The Web trick.

 Magi shows a stack of cards (about the size of standard business cards), which have been printed with a picture of a mason jar -- inside the jar is a spider.    After a spectator signing her initials on the card (right inside the jar with that deadly spider!), the card is removed from the stack and placed facedown on the spectator's palm.  A few moments later, the card is turned up, and the spider is gone.  Her initials are still in the jar, but where's the spider?   As you take the card from her palm, she turns her hand over to find a black spider (plastic) stuck to the back of her hand!  (Thank you Jim Pace for this great climax!)  After she screams, and perhaps hits you, she will laugh and smile and be ready for anything!

   The card is still signed by the spectator, so switching of the cards seems impossible.     Although pretty basic in its effect (a spider picture vanishes from the card), the final appearance of the spider on her hand makes this one a real crowd pleaser.     

 You get 50 empty jar cards -- you use one up with each performance since it is signed by the spectator.    Normally sells for $15, but get it for less here.

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