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The Fine Print -- Sankey -- impressive card revelation

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This is Jay Sankey's version of the revelation of a selected card that is printed in the small details of another playing card.  There have been other versions of this effect, usually using all the fine print on the extra Joker in a Bicycle deck.  But by putting the hidden revelation in the fine print of the Ace of Spades, Sankey has opened up some new possibilities.  He gives four ways to use this card in the instructions. 

 These include trying to cut to the selected card -- "I get four tries," says the magi, who cuts four cards out of the deck.  Turning them face up, it is discovered none of them are the selection, but they are the four aces.  "Well, that's pretty impressive, too...  But I really promised to find your card. So look closely at the ace of spades".   The spectator finds that it names her chosen card!

Or my new favorite, which works great because of laymen's propensity to name the Ace of Spades or the Queen of Hearts.  (The Q of Hearts is one of the secret card reveals -- you get two different specially printed Ace of Spades, so you get two different reveal cards).   First set the Ace of Spades facedown as your prediction.   Then, the spectator is asked to name any card, "just off the top of your head".   If she names the Ace of Spades of Queen of Hearts, you are golden!   If she names another card, Sankey provides a logical out for you to complete the prediction trick with out the spectator ever knowing anything went "wrong".   But very often, it goes perfectly and you have a super-duper clean prediction effect.

You can keep this special Ace of Spades in your deck all the time, so you are always ready to blow your spectator away with the fine print!    This should cost a lot more!

Two cards (one red, one blue, Bicycle Rider back) are provided.  Brand new with Instructions.

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