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Mind Stress -- Tomas Blombergs updated Mystery Calculator

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I'm a sucker for number magic.  As long as it is clear and direct, and not a lot of convoluted calculations that the spectator has to do, etc.  I have used a few different versions of the old "1 to 63 Mystery Calculator" cards over the years, as there have been some good renditions that include secretly marked cards and unusual formats that make the effect startling even for those laymen who once owned a cheap set from a beginner's magic set.

Now Tomas Blomberg has taken the effect to a whole new level and transformed it into something that no longer resembles the old 1 to 63 cards from the magic set.   The props are beautiful and look like something that a real psychological testing institute might produce.  The frame for the magic is now a psychological "stress test", which most modern audiences can relate to.

Magi shows a small cardboard holder, and removes 10 special stress testing cards from it.  The cards each have 10 random 3-digit numbers scattered on the face.   The spectator is asked to remember any one of the 3-digit numbers.  "This demand to remember a large number", the magi explains, "does not add much stress to your mind."  But now the magis deals the cards to the table one at a time, and the spectator is told to try to find her number on the card.  She touches a random spot on each card on which she finds her number.   "Pretty stressful, trying to do that quickly," says the magi, "but the added stress in your mind left it vulnerable to my psychic probing.  I know your number is 379."  Of course, it is.

The secret keys on the cards are extremely well-hidden, and so even someone familiar with the older methods of Mystery Calculator tricks will have no idea how you can so quickly identify the number. 

Comes with comprehensive instruction booklet, that includes additional ideas by Kevin Kelly, Ben Harris, and others.  

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