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The Emperors New Clothes -- naked royalty!

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Laymen love to see oddly printed playing cards, and laymen love tricks with a little bit of naughtiness (as long as it is not too much naughtiness!)    The Emperor's New Clthes has both these popular elements, and also a very baffling magical change that also will leave the non-laymen (magicians) surprised and intrigued.

You show three cards, which are handled very freely and shown very cleanly on both sides.  Two are blank faced cards with blue backs, and one is a King of Hearts with a red back.  Telling the story of the Emperor's new clothes, the magi says the King was very well dressed, but two thieves (the blank cards) decided to scam him out of his royal jewels.  The thieves surrounded the King -- suiting action to words, the two blanks are placed on each side of the King in a fan, and the fan is turned facedown, showing the red backed card between two blues.    The magi continues to tell the story:   "The thieves convinced the King that they would sell him a fashionable new suit for his birthday, which could only be seen by wise men; it was invisible to fools.   Of course, there was nothing there, but the King did not wish to seem a fool, so he wore the "suit" -- his birthday suit.   And although he was naked, no one would admit it, for fear they be branded a fool."   At this point, the spectator pulls the red card (the facedown King) from the fan.  The other two blue cards are shown as blanks, and the red King is turned faceup to reveal his nakedness.  The magi finishes by saying, "Don't you see his new suit?  I do.  Only fools cannot see the Emperor's new clothes!"

Lots of fun, and a good chance to remind your audience about the famous fable.   The cards are gimmicked in such a way as to make the card change both easy and very deceptive.

Brand new with instructions

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