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Six of Clubs mini Card silk -- 8 inch square

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A mini card silk, showing a six of clubs boldly against the black background. 

No instructions, but you will figure out how to use this as an off-beat card revelation.    I have a card selected (forcing the 6 of clubs) and after the spectator mixes it back into the deck, and then I bring out the black silk rolled up (so the card is not evident).  Claiming I will find their card wearing a blindfold, I struggle to get the tiny silk around my head -- too small, of course.  So then I just give up and flick open the silk, revealing the card.

Another idea that would be good:  card is selected (the 6 of clubs), and you show a white silk and a black silk.   You tuck them into your fist and they emerge from the other side, transformed into a single silk that depicts the chosen black-and-white card!

The deck in the picture is not included.  Just there to show the scale of the silk and card image.    Supposedly a nine-inch silk, but measures closer to eight inches.  Don't worry; no one in your audience will measure it.  :-)

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