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Coins thru Table Card trick -- with TMGS routine

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A very interesting packet magic effect, because it uses a small packet of cards to do a classic COIN trick. 

Magi shows six cards -- (there are really only six; no extra cards here) -- and turns them faceup to show they are specially printed.  One is completely blank, four show a picture of a half dollar, and one shows a picture of a table.    The table is placed faceup on the...uh, real table, and the blank card is placed facedown beneath the table card.  Now one at a time, the half dollar cards become blank, as the magi claims to be taking each coin image and pushing it through the table top (of the table card, not the real table!)    After all four coin cards are now blank, the magician shows the original blank card that was placed beneath the table card, and it now has four half dollars printed on it!     For a final little kick at the end, the magi picks up the table card and passes it through his fist -- it emerges now with a picture of a "hole" in the middle of the table.  "That's how the coins get through the table -- they go through the hole!"

For an audience of magicians, this is a great routine, because they are aware of the classic coins through the table trick.  But it also plays well for lay people, because the changes are very magical and clean.  And if you also perform the actual coins thru the table (with coins and the real table) before doing this card version as a follow-up, you have a great one-two punch for any audience.

These cards are not as high quality as the cards you typically use, but they still look good and handle well for all the necessary moves.   The manufacturer provided no instructions, so I constructed my own routine, which of course, I provide in the exclusive TMGS instructions.     (You should be familiar with basic packet trick sleights and counts, as they are used in the routine, but not taught.   If you have done any packet trick magic, you will know the necessary sleights.) 

Add this one to your act, and you will have yet another effect that the other magicians are not doing (but they wish they were!)

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