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Speed Limit (Steve Dacri) -- vintage 1976, MINT, RARE

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If you collect vintage packet tricks, this is one you probably do not have...   I was soooooo tempted to keep this for my own collection, because it not only represents one of the lesser known of the packet magic from the 1970's (besides Emerson, West, Trost and Hank Lee's), it also reflects a current theme of that decade -- the (then) new speed limit law of 55 miles per hour, which was implemented because it was supposed to help conserve gasoline.  (We were paying the exorbitant price of almost $1 per gallon, so we had to use less!)   

Steve Dacri was a consumate pro, and this packet trick shows off his tendency toward highly commercial material.   This trick was to be part of a series, but as far as I know, it was the only one he put out under the company name, Imperial Products.    The effect goes like this:

A packet of six blue backed (Aviator, bridge-size) cards is shown facedown.  One is turned faceup and it depicts a 55 Miles Per Hour road sign.  It is set on the table faceup.   The other five cards are counted to show all backs, and then turned faceup and counted again, revealing a picture of a black car on each card's face.   The car cards are mixed (good patter opportunity about a busy freeway, traffic jam, etc), and then one is set aside.  "That driver kept his foot off the gas, and stayed under the 55 MPH limit".   The 55 MPH card is added to the other four cards, and the packet is pushed through your fist, revealing how the other four cards were all caught speeding:  now the five cards spell out R-A-D-A-R, one letter on each card.

The Radar gun was just being introduced in the mid-1970's also, to help enforce the new speed limit laws.  Of course, things change.  70 MPH is the new 55 MPH on the roads these days!   Packet trick instructions have changed also.  In these early days of marketed packet magic, Dacri takes five steps to explain what modern instructions would summarize as "Do a Hamman Count".   

Original cards in apparently unused condition, original instruction sheet, and even the original vinyl packaging sleeve that is printed similarly to how Emerson and West issued their packet effects.     This effect was NOT issued with one of those vinyl wallets, just the vinyl sleeve.  It is complete as issued in like new condition, despite being 45 years old! 


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