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PSI MInd deck -- Vernet -- easy symbol prediction

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This PSI Mind deck closely matches the Vernet PSImbol Deck in design, so the two could be used in conjunction if you wanted to do so, (assuming you also buy the Psimbol Deck).     The PSI Mind deck allows you to do a very clean prediction of one symbol that the spectator chooses from a deck of about 40 symbols.


The cards can be shuffled, and shown to be different symbols, then a rubber band is placed around the deck.  The spectator cracks the deck open and peeks at a symbol.   It matches your prediction.


If you play around with this deck, you can come up with other ways to reveal the peeked card -- I sometimes shuffle the cards again, then deal into two piles and let the spectator eliminate a pile, then deal the remaining cards into two piles, eliminate, deal, etc until there is just one card left -- all choices made by the spectator, but in the end, they find the peeked card.


This is a symbol design forcing deck, so you cannot repeat the effect -- the same symbol will be chosen.  But if you also get the PSImbol Deck, you can do a simple switch and go into a completely different routine that will also dispell any notions of forces, etc.    (Or just put the PSI Mind deck away, and go on to another great mental effect.  Laymen don't know about forces, anyway!)


Brand new with instructions

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