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Pocketed -- Solari -- easy, entertaining card to pocket

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Another goodie from Bob Solari.    I don't think any practiced magician should be afraid of using a palm to accomplish a strong card effect when it's needed.  But that said, there are some performing situations and venues where it is nice to be able to accomplish a killer no-palm miracle, like the signed card to pocket.  That is when and where you want to use Pocketed.

The effect is strong, and the routine is also fun:   a card is freely selected and signed, then returned to the deck, which is cut and mixed.  After a suitable build-up, the magi says to the spectator "Would it be amazzing if your card was in my right jacket pocket?"   She reaches in, and finds a card, but when she checks the face, it is printed with the words "Your Card".   Some laughs and groans.  But the magician then says to check his left jacket pocket.  She does and finds a card that says "Sorry, wrong pocket."   More laughs, and/or groans.  Magician says he meant his breast pocket.  He reaches up (with empty hand, of course) and removes one card from his breast pocket -- it says "No, the inner pocket."    Just groans now...    But here is where it gets magical, as the magician hands the deck to the spectator, and shows his hands completely empty.  He reaches into his inside jacket pocket and withdraws one card -- the signed selection.

No palming.  No kidding.   You will need to practice the choreography of this routine, but after 20 miutes of work, you will have it down.    You must where a suit jacket to do this routine, but there are no pulls or sleeve work.    And the three message cards are not custom printed -- just labels applied to blank face cards.    But they still look good to a lay audience.

The online forum posts are very complimentary about this routine (as they should be), but one post-er thought the "your card"/"wrong pocket" messages were old-hat and not good for a modern audience.  Not sure I agree, but if you do agree with that sentiment, you could also have the spectator choose a card (say the 7 of hearts), sign it, and then find the other three unsigned sevens (one in each pocket, instead of the message cards), then finish with the production of the signed seven of hearts from the inner jacket pocket.

 Get this, you will use it.  A lot!   Bob Solari sells this through his website for $19.95.  Get it here for less!     BLUE BACK BICYCLE CARDS.  

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