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US Playing Card Box Labels -- BLUE-- 20 labels

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Sometimes you want to have a deck pre-set, with your memorized stack, or the good old Eight Kings or Si Stebbins rotation, or with a few duplicates, or your McDonalds Aces gaffs, etc etc etc.    You get the idea.   And think how much more convincing if you could first show your audience that the deck is still "factory-sealed", calling attention to the unboken "official label of the US Playing Card Company" that still holds the box closed.

Well, that's probably at least 20 reasons to get some of these handy labels, but maybe you need one more:     the magician (that's you) tosses a red and blue deck onto the table.  You call attention to the fact that both decks are still factory sealed with the offical labels of the USPC.   The spectator chooses a deck (let's say the red one) and puts it in her pocket or purse.   You crack the label on the blue deck and ribbon spread the cards on the table to show they are in new deck order.   You then give them a shuffle, and have her peek at a card.  (Let's say it is the 7 of hearts).   Another shuffle and you spread the deck facedown on the table.  One card in the blue deck has a red back!   She looks at it, and it is the 7 of hearts.  She then removes the red deck from her pocket, breaks the factory seal herself, and looks through the deck -- she finds the 7 of hearts in this deck and discovers it has a BLUE back!

If you can do a simple peek force, and have the ability to re-seal two new decks of cards, the above miracle is child's play.   Get these labels and you can play, too.

These labels are BLUE, and are best used on blue decks, but could be used on both red and blue.  US Playing Card now (2015) uses black labels on all red and blue decks, but the average non-magician or non-professional poker player wouldn't think twice to see a blue label on any deck. 

You get TWENTY labels that look perfect -- just like the real thing.  (The blurriness in the photo is only due to my poor photographic abilities.  Labels are sharply printed.)    No instructions for any tricks or ideas are included, but if you have an internediate knowledge of card magic, you will think of plenty!    I have seen these selling for 5-6 times as much, but why pay more?

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