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Zombie Detector -- funny OTL routine from Chazpro

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As evidenced by many other items carried here at TMGS, we love the OTL (Out to Lunch) method, and think that it allows for a lot of great close-up magic.    Chuck Leach, at Chazpro Magic, has put together a few different effects based on the OTL principle, and Zombie Detective is the most fun.   With all the popularity of Zombie TV shows and movies, hip audiences can instantly relate to the idea of trying to detect potential Zombies among us.

Magi shows a stack of cards (about the size of standard business cards), which have been printed with special Zombie detection ink.    The upper half of the card is blank, and there are two spots at the bottom, for the potential Zombie to place a fingerprint and initials.     After placing a thumbprint on the card, and then signing her initials on the card, the card is removed from the stack and placed facedown on the table.  A few moments later, the card is turned up, and a large red "plus sign" has appeared in the blank space.  Proof of Zombification!   The card is still signed by the spectator, so switching of the cards seems impossible.

 Although pretty basic in its effect (a large red plus sign appears on a signed card), the Zombie presentation angle makes this one a real crowd pleaser.   Lots of room for jokes about the care and feeding of Zombies, etc.  

Other messages could appear in the blank space (instead of a plus sign), so if you think of other presentation angles, you can easily adapt the Detector cards to fit.   You get 50 detector cards -- you use one up with each performance.    Normally sells for $15, but get it for less here.

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