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Horse Play -- knock off of Trost`s Horsin` Around

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When I was in my teens and relatively new to magic, Nick Trost put out a packet trick that spoke directly to my young raging hormones, as well as my wacky sense of humor.    His trick, Horsin' Around, involved showing three cards, each depicting one-third of a topless glamour girl.  (Because the trick was released in the late 1970's, naturally she looked alot like the #1 pin-up girl of that decade, Farrah Fawcett-Majors.   In the end, the cards transform into a picture of a funny cartoon horse's head.   It was slightly risque, and slightly zany, magic all rolled into one.    The effect was re-released a few years back by L&L, with Trost's blessings of course.

The effect (in more detail) is this:    magician shows the faces of three cards, one at a time.  There is a "head and shoulders" picture of a pretty girl.  Then on the next card, there is a naked torso section, and finally a bikini clad waist and legs.   The cards are put facedown on the table, and the spectator is asked to point to his favorite part -- head, middle, or legs.   regardless of which he picks, the cards are turned face up to show a horse's ears, eyes and nose.   

(The humor comes from how the same drawing of the woman's midsection now becomes the middle of the horse's face.  never mind that the woman has no arms -- no one ever notices her lack of arms when you show off her naked midsection.)

I came across a few sets of Norsin' Around, which were produced in China -- no doubt without Trost's or L&L's blessings.   The quality of the cards is very good, and so this can be a good set to use for performance if you already own an original Trost Trik Kards set from the 1970's or the recent L&L set.  You can keep your authorized set(s) in excellent condition, and take this set to your table hopping gigs.    (If you don't own one of the original sets, you probably shouldn't buy one of these pirated copies....)

Selling the few I have cheaply, just to get rid of them.

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