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Revelation -- Wayne Dobson easy thought card divination

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Another goodie from Wayne Dobson and JB Magic -- very practical for real workers.  And packed full of corny (and funny) gags.  In fact, the gags are how the trick works!  So you will have fun performing this one, and your audiences will laugh and (in the end) be amazed.

Magician holds a facedown packet of nine red-backed Bicycle poker sized cards.  He asks his spectator to think of any card in the deck, and when she has it in mind, he explains that he wants her to lock it in using the famous Zener-Rhine observation test.  He turns the top card in the packet faceup and it shows four rows of card values.  The spectator looks at each row and tells him whether the value of her card is in the row.  Magi sets this card aside, and says "Your card wasn't red, was it?"  She says no.  He turns up the next card showing the 15 of diamonds.  "So it wasn't the 15 of diamonds!"   He continues flipping up cards doing various gags, like "Do you know what the next card is?"  She says "no", and he flips up a card with NO printed boldly on the face.   I won't give away all the gags, but suffice to say they are all mildly amusing.  (The Phone card gag may be dated, as no one has phone cards anymore.  You can leave it out and do this with eight cards if you prefer).   With the final card facedown in his hand, he says "would you be amazed if this was your card?"    She says yes, and he shows it says "YOUR CARD".  After the groan, he moves his fingers revealing more text on the card... "IS IN MY POCKET".    Magi reaches into his pocket and removes his business card.  "Oh sorry, that's my card!  I know it's not your card, because your card was the Seven of Clubs".    The spectator is amazed that you name her thought-of card in such an off-hand manner.  And you are right, of course!

Solid entertainment and mystery.  If you work with a pocket index, you could actually pull her card from your pocket!   (That's how I like to finish it, with a pocket index of my business cards, each with a card value written on the back.  So she gets the "your card, my card" gag, and then turns the card over to see that her thought of card is written on the back of your card!)

Get this, and you will use it a lot!  (Everything you need, except your own business cards, and no pocket index if you want to use my finish.)   DVD instructions.


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