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Just That (Signed version) -- 52 on 1 with magical finish

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You poor TMGS customers must get tired of hearing me say how much I like the old 52-on-1 gag, but I'm gonna say it again...  I really like that old gag.  Laymen think it is funny, and if you back it up with some solid magic, they appreciate your talent as well as the fact that you don't take yourself too seriously.     But the 52-on-1 card gag is best when it also leads directly to a truly magical card revelation, and "Just That"... well, it does just that!

It looks like this:   a prediction card is shown facedown, and put on the table.  A deck of cards is cut by the spectator and the magi marks the cut by criss-crossing one half of the deck on the other.  (Yes, you can use a means of having the card selected if you prefer another favorite method).   The magi asks if it would be amazing to see the face of the card they cut was also on the prediction card.  Spectators say yes, and wait in anticipation, as the prediction is turned faceup to show all 52 card faces on it, in tiny miniatures.   Magi apologizes and says he will show them how to "really" do the trick.   The spectator signs the back of the prediction card and keeps it under her hand.  She then chooses a new card.  This time, when she lifts her hand, one of the miniature cards (printed on the SIGNED prediction card) has turned back outward.  It is her card.  And the face of the miniature card is now seen on the back of the SIGNED prediction card.   She keeps the prediction as a memorable souvenir.

Nothing earth-shattering in terms of methodology, and the instructions don't really give you much guidance on doing the necessary switch-- but if you have a small amount of magical experience, you should be able to work a good way to do this.  The 52-on-1 gag provides a ton of misdirection and people think the trick (gag) is over.  So an easy pocket switch blows right by them.

You get 24 cards that can be signed -- 12 of one value, and 12 of another, so it can be a different card for a repeat audience.  When you perform this 24 times you will have to buy another set.  Or after 23 signed performances, just use the last one to do it unsigned for the rest of your magical career.  (Or have the last couple of cards laminated, and do it signed with a wet erase marker!)

Anyway, it is good magic, and a good bargain at the special TMGS price.

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