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Suit Yourself -- Mark Jenest neat take on Bwave

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Phil Goldstein's B'wave trick has spawned many variants and imitations.  (B'wave itself was a variant of the classic Parade of Kings effect, and Goldstein gave it a kicker ending.)   Most of the variations of B'wave look interesting at first, and then ultimately end up in that box of unused tricks because in practice (before an audience of non-magicians) B'wave still is best!  Well, a long comes Mark Jenest with his version, and I am ready to argue that it may be the one that sends the original B'wave into that box of unused tricks...

I will qualify that by saying that if done as directed in the instructions, Suit Yourself doesn't beat out B'wave.  But I will include an extra set of instructions (my personal handling of the cards), which adds another effect to the routine and (I think) outwaves B'wave!

In the routine I will include (which you can only get at TMGS) a packet of four facedown Queens is shown, and one spectator thinks of a black suit, another thinks of a red suit.  The first spectator names his suit, and it is shown to be faceup in the packet.  It magically turns facedown again.  "What if you had chosen the other (black) suit, you ask?"  The magi now causes that suit to turn faceup in the packet, and then magically down again.   Now addressing the other spectator, the magi re-iterates that she picked (say) Hearts.  But Hearts will not turn faceup in the packet of four facedown cards.  The magi explains why.  he turns the packet faceup to show that Hearts is the only Queen in the packet, the other three cards are blank -- those queens have vanished.

You get some quick magic ala Touch Turn (Twisting the Aces), and then a killer B'wave kicker when the thought of Queen is the only one in the packet.

I'll also include a few other handling tips in the extra TMGS instruction sheet.   So if you are thinking of getting Suit Yourself, you should get it at TMGS!

Brand new.  (Oh yeah, and Jenest supplies you with extra cards so you can do this with Kings, Queens or Jacks -- but you only use four cards at a time.)

To be thorough  here's the original effect of Suit Yourself (as taught in Jenest's instruction sheet):    a packet of four facedown Queens is shown, and one spectator thinks of a red suit, another thinks of a black suit.  The first spectator names her suit, and it is shown to be faceup in the packet.  The other three cards are turned faceup, and they are blank.  The cards are again held facedown, and the other spectator names his suit.   Now his suit is faceup in the packet, and the other three cards are shown to be blank.         So it is like B'wave with an instant repeat.  Jenest manages to keep the blank card climax, still use only four cards and also eliminate any force of a color or suit.   But the repeat is a bit too illogical for me.  Hence my recommendation to use the other handling above.

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