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Cartoon Nail -- safe and sane spike roulette from ASTOR

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 Astor Magic from Hungary puts out some really nice props and effects.   The methods are typically inventive, and the props are nicely designed, classy looking and made from  top quality materials.   So it is no mystery that Astor Magic items are not cheap.    In fact, I find the retail prices to be a bit too high for what you get, high quality though it is.   So you can imagine the big smile on my face when I was able to find a few of this excellent Astor item at a great price.  Rather than sell them for the suggested reatil price (which as I've said, I think is too high), I'll sell this item for what I think it should cost you.   If you buy it, you will appreciate the method, the quality of the props, and you will also feel like you got a good deal!

The effect is a safe and sane presentation for the popular "Spike Roulette" trick.  You know, the one where the magi/mentalist hides a big, sharp spike under one of four styrofoam cups, and after the cups are mixed by the spectator, the mentalist smashes his hand down on three of the cups, psychically avoiding having his hand punctured.   Many lay people are familiar with this effect, because of the numerous You Tube videos of epic failures by (now) one-handed magicians.


Well, even if the spectators don't know the effect, it is simple to explain to them.  And to avoid any nasty hand woulds, you will do it the safe way.   You show three blank cards (made of thin plexi-whiteboard material) and you give the spectator a dry erase marker, asking her to draw a dangerous looking spike or nail on any one of the cards.   (The poorly drawn nail in the picture shows my total lack of artistic ability...)   You have opportunity for comedy and jokes depending on how her drawing looks.  Ask her to also initial the card.   Now the "Nail" card is placed into one of three opaque plastic sleeves.  The other two "Blank" cards are put into the other two opaque sleeves, and the spectator mixes the three sleeves until no one knows where the "Nail" is hidden.   She deals the sleeves onto the table, and you dramatically slam both your hands down on two of the sleeves.  (If you want you can cry out in agony, then apologize, "Just kidding!")    The two sleeves under your hands are showm to contain blank cards.  The spectator removes the card from the remaining sleeve, and it is (of course) her Nail card.


The props are really nicely made, and the method is simple but surprisingly deceptive.   The blank cards are bridge size, and are not marked or gimmicked, so you can also do this effect using three of your business cards, having the nail/spike drawn on the back of one of your cards.  Great way to give away a magical memory on your business card, by letting her keep her spike drawing to show all her friends.


Usually sells for $25-$30, if you can find it -- this item has become very hard-to-find lately, apparently only available direct from Astor.    But you can get it here for the low end of that range!


Brand new with instructions and all props.

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