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Disposable Deck -- David Regal (version 2, BLUE bicycle)

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David Regal gets high marks from me for both creativity, but also for performance style and charisma.  (So often, we see very creative magicians on DVD's and although they might have all the sleights and moves, they don't have any ability to connect with their audience.)   Well, Mr. Regal's on stage persona isn't included, but his thoughtful methodology and approach will help you make the Disposable Deck a staple in your act.

The disposable deck can be used as a quick (but startling) gag, or as a final climax punch at the end of your favorite ambitious card routine, three card monte, etc.  Or use the wonderful card prediction routine (called Hotel 52) that is taught on the DVD, and you will have a great feature item.

The effect in general:  at the end of a card routine, you simply crumple the deck up and toss it away.

The prop os what you'd expect:  a thin paper shell that appears to be a deck of cards.  But David Regal has gone to lengths to make it extra special.  For one, the flat deck is pre-scored on the folds, and even pre-gummed where the corner flaps need to be glued.  So you can put together a disposable deck in about 15 seconds with nothing but your hands and tongue.    Also, the deck is very realistic looking, including realistic edges.  One more plus is that it's a bit shorter than a real deck, so when it's in a card box, you can have a few loose (real) cards on top.  Finally, he gives you TWO HUNDRED in the package.  If a prop is disposable, it is nice he gives you a lot.

The best way to use it is the Hotel 52 routine (taught on the DVD).  Magi-mentalist takes a deck out of the box and then tells the story of a dream he had, with living playing cards in a hotel.  He can't remember the dream, so the audience calls out card elements to re-create the dream.  One person calls out red or black.  Andother calls out a suit.  Another spectator calles out numbers or facecards, etc.  All this random audience participation leads to just one card.   (Let's assume it is the Queen of Hearts).  Well, the dream story tells of this card getting to the roof of the Hotel 52, because the building is about to collapse.  Without any moves or sleights, the magi turns over the top card of the deck, and it is the Queen of Hearts.  Then the building collapsed.  At this point, the magi crumples the rest of the deck into a small ball and tosses it away.

Strong magic with a lot of audience participation.  Get the Disposable Deck.  For only about 13 cents a performance, it is the lowest priced reputatuion maker you can find.

Brand new, with 200 Disposable decks and DVD instructions.

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