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Pop Art -- 3D deck from 2D image (Bicycle, BLUE)

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Very visual way to start off your card effects.  You show a spiral bound sketch pad, open it to show a color picture of a the front of a Bicycle card case.  The pad is casually shown on both sides, and then the spectators are asked to look at the picture.  You give the pad a gentle flick of your wrist, and the picture on the page seems to jump off -- a real deck of cards falls into your waiting hand, leaving just a black outline of the box on the pad.

It takes about 15 seconds to perform, but definitely shows the spectators that the card tricks they are about to see are going to be better than the 21-card trick that Uncle Bill does at all the family gatherings. 

The online demos of this effect make it look so easy, because Mark Southworth performs the effect so smoothly.  Be advised that it will take some time to get the knack of this, but all good magic requires practice.  The gimmick also tends to be a bit tight at first, and so it needs to be broken in (during those practice sessions) before you take it out for a real audience. 

Props are well made, and Southworth explains how to maintain the device on the instructional DVD.  The DVD has a wierd thing where it seems to start at the wrong place, but the instructional video is clear and thorough.

You can see in the photo some of the work on this well-made prop -- maybe the photo gives a way a bit much.  The effect happens too fast for the audience to scrutinize the picture of the Bicycle deck.  A little distance also helps.

Good magic.  Seems a bit pricey for the props, but they must be handmade, so demand a higher price.  Mostly selling for about $70 -- we'll sell it for less.


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