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ESP Test -- Magic Tao -- strong symbol divination

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This is a very good looking set of ESP symbol cards -- 8 different symbols, not just the traditional five Zener symbols -- printed on heavy balc card stock.  The white symbols on black stock really "pop", and look mysterious as well.  The backs of the cards have a large question mark design to further the mysterious look and feel.   In addition to the eight cards, you have a small vinyl wallet which includes two "ESP Test" cards -- these each have four symbols on them.

The spectator is asked to think of any of the eight symbols she sees on the cards.  When she has a symbol in mind, you set aside the eight cards, and now draw attention to the vinyl wallet.  Removing one of the testing cards.  You show it to her and ask if she sees her symbol.  She answers simply "yes" or "no".  You show her the other testing card, again asking if she sees her symbol.  After she answers yes, or no, you are able to divine her thought-of symbol.

What's great about this routine:  the props are beautiful and look very official.   The divination of the symbol is very easy and fast after getting just two yes/no answers.    The routine is immediately repeatable.    

What's less than great:   Having to ask if the spectator sees her card is not what a "real" mindreader would do, but I suggest putting it in the context of having her concentrate for five seconds on her symbol if she sees it on the card.  She will either start concentrating, which means "Yes, I see it", or she'll say it isn't there.  (That's a "No").   Then show her the next card and ask, "well, do you see it here?"   If she does, have her concentrate, if not, I just act puzzled, and say "okay, let's do this the hard way."      

Also included is a single card which has all the eight symbols printed on it.  This card is really just a reminder card for telling you what order to set up the eight cards, but it could also be used in lieu of the eight cards when the spectator makes her selection.  Using this "eight symbols-on-one" card, you could do the entire routine carrying just three cards in the wallet.  

A nice piece of close-up mentalism that you will be happy you added to your repetoire... so buy it.

Comes with DVD instructions.

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