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Mysterious Butterfly -- like the Web but gentler

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This trick takes the surprising climax of Jim Pace's "The Web", where a plastic spider appears on theback of a spectator's hand, and it makes that scary finish more gentle -- with the appearance of a butterfly.  It is still startling, and still gets gasps from the spectator, but is less likely to cause unwanted cardiac arrest.  :-)

The trick is called the Mischievous Butterfly, but I renamed it because when I searched that name, it took me to an adult content website.  So I'm renaming the trick the Mysterious Butterfly.  The effect that leads up to the butterfly appearance is this:    the magic shows three cards, depicting a flower, a bee, and a butterfly.  The cards are dealt into the spectators palm, and the butterfyl card is now blank.  When she turns her hand palm down, a 3-dimensional plastic butterfly is stuck to the back of her hand.

Okay, I know that the butterfly appearance is the only reason for the trick, but that's no excuse for the vanish of the butterfly from the card to be a bad trick, and the way it is explained in the instructions... it is a bad trick.  So I have written another set of instructions to do an impressive and deceptive vanish of the butterfly from the card, and I provide this with the trick when you buy it from TMGS.  The big finish for this trick deserves a good routine leading up to it.

The other reason you should buy this trick from TMGS is that the cards are hard to handle unless they are treated with fanning powder -- I would not sell you a trick that doesn't work, so I will also treat the cards with fanning powder before shipping them to you.    (You may want to laminate the three cards after you get them, since you will use this trick a lot).

You might be able to get this trick for a buck less from another dealer, but you will not get instructions for the better routine and you will not get cards that are easy to handle and use.  You get both those things here at THE MAGIC GADGET SITE.


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