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Temple Screen -- Happy Birthday version

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The classic UF Grant temple Screen has been modified to make it an even stronger effect for those birthday party shows.  Not only does it give a deceptive and large production of silks and other items, but now it has a final change of one of the panels to deliver the message "Happy Birthday".

The performer shows a three panel screen, each panel measuring 8" x 14", and he unfolds it to show three innocent looking birthday cakes depicted on the panels. He then refolds the screen and opens it the other way to show the back three panels, each with a large birthday gift depicted.   After the audience has clearly seen all six panels, the magi fold the screen into a triangular tube, sets this on the table, and the production begins.    It is completely self contained, and the load size is about as big as a standard brown lunchbag.   After the production is done, the screen is unfolded and now the middle panel has changed to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  The perfect kicker.

Can't be done surrounded as load is visble from the back during the display process, but in most venues where you perform birthday party shows, this is not an issue, so this item works fine!   You will use this A LOT if you buy it.

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