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Eyeball Burglar Ball -- wacky magic

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The Burglar ball effect is a great beginner's trick, but as most of you know from reading other descriptions on TMGS, we love beginner's tricks that pack a real magic wallop.  The effect is that a small, clear plastic box is shown and the top sealed on tightly with rubber bands.  A ball is placed on top of the box, and everything placed under an opaque hanky.  The magi touches the ball (through the hanky) and it magically penetrates into the box.   The box is rought out from under the hanky and the bands still encircle everything.  The ball is definitely inside the sealed box.

This version uses an Eyeball instead of a ball, for no other reason than it is wacky and funny.   The box in this version comes as separate pieces, and they are snapped together.   (I think this was done to make the trick easier to ship.. flatter.  The hardest part of this trick is putting the box together.  I suggest a drop of Krazy Glue at each snap-point, and permanently build the box, because it is a little unsteable if it is only snapped together.)

But once the box is assembled, you have an easy-to-do fooler, and you can make lots of jokes about the hand being quicker than the eye, the eyes have it, etc.  (Or maybe not!)

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