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Spider Web Monte -- Ian Adair

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A fun way to present the classic monte ("find the lady") routine for kids, because in this case the Lady is a cute cartoon spider.  You show seven cards -- six of the cards depict empty spider webs, and the seventh card is a picture of Monty the Hide-and-Seek Spider.   Because trying to find Monty among six web cards would be far to difficult, even for an experienced arachologist, you place one of the web cards facedown on the table.  Monty is turned facedown, and inserted (still facedown) into the five remaining (faceup) web cards.  Since this is too obvious where Monty is hiding, two of the web cards are also turned facedown, and the six card packet is mixed.  The kids guess which of the facedown cards is Monty.  With each guess, one of the facedown cards is turned faceup.  But in the end, none of the cards in the packet is Monty.   Yes, the card placed on the table is turned over, and it shows Monty happily sitting in his web.


The card stock used is a bit thicker than regular playing cards, which makes the trick more durable -- a good thing considering the possibility of children's grabbing hands as they want to see the cards.  (Note: although the cards are not all examinable, most of the cards can be looked at by a spectator -- similar to the way the classic Linking Rings are examined.   But examination of the cards is not really necessary, as the handling is very open and clean.)

The thickness of the cards doesn't keep them from being subjected to any of the standard packet trick sleights that you might want to apply -- but it does mean you will have to practice to get used to a slightly different feel than when working with standard playing cards.   (Only one simple sleight is involved in the routine, but you may want to create your own variations with this charismatic set of cards.)


Brand new with instructions.


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