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ESP Star Band Prediction -- with extra band

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 This is a cute way to predict which of the five Zener symbols a spectator will select.  I know, I know... mentalism and "cute" are not usually compatible, but I think contemporary audiences appreciate a mentalist who doesn't take himself (or herself) to seriously.  This one also works good for kids, who really like the way the rubber band seems to change shape.


The effect:   A packet of five ESP cards is brought out, held together by a yellow rubber band.  The band is removed and set aside on the table, while all attention goes to the five cards, which are mixed facedown by the spectator.  (They have red Bicycle Rider backs, and colored symbol faces).   The spectator chooses a facedown card, and when it is revealed to be the STAR, the mentalist picks up the rubber band and shows that it is a star-shaped band!


Another way to do it which I sometimes use:  have two file cards held together by the rubber band, and give this to a spectator, telling them it is your prediction.  Have them shuffle and select an ESP card -- the star -- and when the spectator removes the rubber band and looks at the two file cards to see the prediction, all they say is "look at the rubber band".  They discover the band that they hold is a STAR.


The start is forced, of course, so not good for repeat performances, but just go onto another mental miracle if they say do it again. 



usually, this item only comes with ONE star band.  I found that although the bands are as durable as any normal rubber bands, they do break from time to time.  So if you buy it from us at TMGS, we include TWO star bands.  So you get one to use (and you'll use it alot!) and one spare, just in case your star band breaks.    Also, the instruction sheet included is adequate, but TMGS will include an extra set of instructions so that you will have a very strong handling of the Star force.


So get this one from us at TMGS.  Don't get less elsewhere (where you'll probably pay more!)

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