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Card Mish Mash Frame -- like Onosaka Frame-up

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This is a fun one, invented by the always creative Ton Onosaka.   You have a card selected from an ordinary deck (not included), and you say you you have a framed prediction of the chosen card in the envelope that has been sitting on the table.   Remove the frame from the envelope and the spectators see a bunch of facedown cards scattered in the frame -- it's a cartoon-like picture of the card chaos in miniature.   Turning it "faceup", the spectators see all the various faces of the cards.  "Well, your card must be in there somewhere!"  After the groans, the chosen card is placed facedown on the faceup framed picture and a moment later,when it is removed, one of the cards in the picture is now facedown.  The whole frame is turned over and one card now faces the other direction from all the facedown cards -- it is the chosen card.

Framed picture is about 6 inches by 8 inches and very thin -- about 1/8 inch thick.  The effect is particularly puzzling because the picture is under the plastic frame.

A great way to reveal a selected card in a novel and humorous way.   The picture here shows TWO of the frames, one facing up and one facing down.  You will only get ONE frame, but that is all you need, because the card change is self-contained, no switch needed!

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