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Surprising Girls -- sexy, funny magic

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This is a slightly different take on the Tony Curtis' effect, A Night out with Girls.   It is inherently interesting for male audiences because they'll want to look at the sexy pics of women, even if they don't like magic.   (But you can make them like magic, too, with this humorous effect!)

A small packet of glamour photos is shown, featuring good looking women in lingerie.  The cards are mixed and then given to a male spectator, facedown, so he can randomly choose his mystery date.  After he eliminates all but one card, using a very cute "she loves me, she loves me not" counting process, he finds that his chosen card is not a hot girl, but a rather large woman who doesn't exactly conform to current societal definitions of beauty.  

There are two alternate cards for the surprise finish -- one is some guy dressed up for bondage, and another is simply blank -- you coulod write a simple message on this card, like "better luck next time" or "go home to your mama, little boy" or maybe, "Dear John, get lost!"

These cards are poker size.  I personally think the message card finish, and not the unattractive woman or bondage man, is more tasteful, but I admit that for the right rowdy group of guys, the less politically-correct cards play very well also.

Not a routine for every audience, but this is a good one to have in your table hopping arsenal for when you come up on a table full of young men.

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