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Decktamental -- Bicycle poker -- Ron Frost

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I have a love / hate opinion of Ron Frost's magic -- a lot of it I love, and some of it I hate.  (Okay, hate is too strong a word.  Dislike, I guess.  All his offerings are interesting to study for his creative methodology, but I dislike those Frost offerings that feel like the method is driving the effect, rather than the other way around.) 


That said, I absolutely LOVE Decktamental.   This is good, clean mentalism with a deck of cards.  


A deck of cards is shown to the audience, and mixed a bit, then placed on the table.  One spectator cuts the deck and removes three cards where she cut.  A second spectator cuts the deck again, and removes three cards where he cut.  Now, despite the very fair and magician's hands-off approach to the selection of the six cards, the magi can name ALL six.  He can do this without any fishing or misses!   It is very strong.


There is an alternate routine which is a bit more involved, in which six different spectators each hold a card and the magi names them all.   (This version does require some fishing, but the fishing is limited and so still very impressive.) 


The effect as I perform it looks like this:   one spectator cuts and removes three cards.  Without looking at it, she hides one in her pocket and holds the other two.  Another spectator cuts and also removes three cards, also hiding one unseen in his pocket.   I now name the cards that the spectators hold, and finish by also naming the unseen cards in the pockets.   This handling is not explained in the instructions, but is a combination of the non-fishing and fishing approaches that are explained.  You will understand how to do it when you learn the trick as explained.


The deck is gimmicked using old ideas of Bagshawe, Koran and Walsh, then cleverly routined by Frost.  It will match your regular Bicycle cards, so simply switch it in when you want to really blow some minds!



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