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Close up Rabbit from Hat -- sort of...

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This is a very nicely made set of six sturdy cardboard tiles that you use to find a rabbit in a top hat.  The routine that comes with the tiles is by Ian Adair, and involves having four spectator each spell out the word M-A-G-I-C, moving one tile from the top of stack to the bottom.  On the letter C, each spectator keeps the last tile.  After four spectators have done this, the magician is left with the last two tiles.  The spectators look at their tiles, and they are all blank.  The magi turns over his tiles and they form a picture of a rabbit coming out of a hat.


The Adair routine is okay, but not very magical in my opinion.  However, the cards are subtly gimmicked (marked) to allow you to perform a more impressive demonstration.  The following routine isn't explained in the instructions, but you will see how to do it when you start to handle the props.


Show six facedown tiles and have the spectator mix them up on the table top -- magi can turn his back during this mixing.  The magi then lines up the six cards and asks the spectator to push two cards toward the magician.  These are set aside.  Now the spectator pulls two more cards from the line.   The magi pulls the remaining two cards toward himself.  The spectator is instructed to push either of her cards to the magi, and he will push one of his cards to her.  Now she finally decides on either her pair of cards or the magi's pair of cards, and the other two cards are set aside.  To finish, the four discarded cards are shown to be blank, and the two cards that the spectator kept have a rabbit and hat on them.


Of course, the routine just described uses magician's choice (equivoque), but because of the subtle markings on the rabbit and hat card, you can make the equivoque look extremely fair, and easier than usual because you have two target cards instead of just one.


Obviously good for kids because of the cute rabbit graphic, but I find this plays well for adults also.

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