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Pure Filth -- David Regal

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David Regal can usually be counted on for high impact, high interest close-up items, and Pure Filth falls into that category.  In essence, it is a four card packet handling of the oil and water effect, but cleverly disguised with a new theme, and with an absolute KILLER finish.

You show four court cards -- the K and Q of spades, and K and Q of diamonds.   The happy couples are paired together with their same-suited "better half".  The cards are mixed so that now the King of Spades is with the Queen of diamonds, and the King of diamonds is with Ms. Spade.    One mis-matched pair is placed on the table, squared.   The other is held in your hand, facing the audience -- they can see the two mismatched cards, but in a blink, they are suddenly both spades.  The cards on the table are spread to show both diamonds -- the loving couples have returned to each other.    This sequence can be repeated.

For the killer finish, the four card packet is squeezed, and when the faces are shown, now three cards are completely blank, and the last card has ALL FOUR royal lovers on one card!    Let the spectators look closely at this card.  (They will want to... and yea!  they can, because other than being an unusually printed face, the card is ungimmicked.

Last tidbit on this:  only four cards are used!    

Brand new with instructions.   (The instructions are thorough, but a bit confusing at times...  you will learn it, but may have to read them a couple of times, and maybe watch Mr Regal perform it on You Tube.)

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