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Clone Card (Blue deck, red sleeve) -- Joker Magic

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 Joker Magic is known for innovative methods and well-made apparatus.  Clone Card fits this description, as well as being very visual and very surprising.      A special red plastic card deck holder is shown -- inside is a single deck.  I explain that the red holder is a common tool used by magicians to keep their decks of cards from being damaged or warped when not in use.   The magi takes the blue deck of cards from the holder, and sets the holder on the table.   Magi explains that he wanted to use his red deck.  Instantly, from out of nowhere, the magi is now holding a red deck in addition to the blue one!   He puts the blue deck back in the holder, and puts the holder away.  The red deck is normal and ready for use in any routine you choose.

Another neat possible routine (which is also explained in the instructions):  the deck is removed from the holder, and magically the cards inside penetrate the box and are instantly on the outside.

This one has been opened for inspection, but appears to be unused.  With original instructions.


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