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Striped Blow Blendo

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Classic magic, with an updated feel.  The blendo effect has long been a staple of silk magic -- various colored silks are transformed into a single large multi-color silk.  For this version, two small (about 6 inch square) silks are stuffed into a metal tube, and the tube is brought to the magi's lips.    The magi blows into the tube, and the red and white silks fly from the other side, or so it seems.  The red and white silks have become a single larger (about 14 inches square) striped silk.  The silk and tube are handed to a spectator to examine, if you wish.

A classic method and apparatus, but the blowing and flying silk add to the misdirection, making the necessary steal (of the secret something) much easier.  Nicely made props for a quick but memorable piece of visual magic.

Brand new with instructions.

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