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Trauma -- (Magic Tao) -- smart 4 card printing routine

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Online Price

Regular Price: $29.95
Save: $12.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

This effect has a suggested retail of $29, which I think is a lot for what you get.  But you can't just look at the props when you buy a magic trick -- the secret and routine is the most valuable part, and so the fact that Magic Tao chose to retail this item at a higher price point is good for anyone who actually buys it, since there will be fewer magicians doing this very strong routine.  (But I do want my TMGS customers to do it, so I am pricing the item much lower than the suggested retail!)

The effect is this:   Magi shows four blank faced cards.  He gives one blank card to a spectator to sit on, or put in his pocket or inside her bra, etc.  The spectator is very convinced that she holds a blank card.   The other three blank cards are shown again,  and the spectator is asked to name a suit.  In the best case scenario, the magi instantly turns the three blank cards into three of a kind -- let's say three kings, and they are the unnamed suits.  The spectator takes the card she holds from it's safe place and finds it is the fourth king, the very king/suit she named.

I say, best case scenario, because there are three possible scenarios.  In the other two, the hidden suit is not necessarily the first one named, but the routining always makes it logical that the final suit in the pocket seems to be the one that should be there.  So there is both a magical and mentalism element to the routine.

Only two very easy card sleights are used, so anyone who handles cards can do this very strong routine.   Everything is handled simply and cleanly, so the printing phase looks very magical.

Brad new with DVD instructions, and necessary cards.  (Card values may be different from Kings, but you can also replace the value cards with any red-backed Bicycle four of a kind you want).

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