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52-on-1 card transposition (Set of four)

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The old 52-on-1 gag is tried and true.  I use it a lot, and even though it is old and really dumb, lay audiences always respond favorably to this bit of fluff.  But I always follow by turning the gag into a mystery, but revealing the actual card on the back, or finding some other way to show that the gag was just preamble to a real mystery.

So I really like this specially printed 52-on-1 card, which allows you to cause two of the cards to transpose places on the card.  Let me explain the way I use this prop, which is a bit different from how the instructions teach it.   First I show a large envelope, and say it includes a prediction card.  Next I have two spectators each select a card from a deck.    The spectators look at their cards but don't show anyone else.  Then I annoucne that when I remove my prediction, everyone will see one of the chosen cards.   Then just before taking it out, I say "Let's make this twice as good.  The prediction will show BOTH cards."    This is when I take out the 52-on-1 card and everyone groans.   The prediction card is set aside and I ask the spectators to show their cards.  The two cards are both red jacks, for example.   "So that's pretty good!  You both picked red jacks!  And look closely at the prediction."   When the spectaors look more closely, the two red jacks are transposed on the card -- the Jack of hearts is in the line of diamonds, and vice versa.   Wow!  You have now hit them with a laugh and a one-two magic mental punch.

Look at the picture, and you can see the two black fives are transposed ont he card.  You get FOUR different cards for repeat performances, so it is not the same two cards each time.   The back of the 52-on-1 shows a full face of one card, but I don't use that feature in my routine.  I rpefer the two card transpo as the kicker.

You will find a lot of wasy to use these interesting 52-on-1 gag cards that have an extra twist built in.

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