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Sponge Comedy Gags -- set of eight

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Save: $2.00
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Add some fun and gags to your closeup sponge ball routine...   You get four different gag sponges props -- two of each one, so you have a spare if one get's lost, or a duplicate if you want to work these funny sponge props into a transposition routine.

In the middle of your average ordinary red sponge ball routine (which lay people love, even if we magicians think it is a little average and ordinary), you spice it up by producing a green letter B.  "That?  Oh there's no charge for that extra magic.  It's a FREE B" (freebie, get it?).   Or use the two Brown E's, so you can give your spectator a couple "brownie" points.  You're way a head of me now, so you've already figured out how to use the Black I's  (black eyes), and the Gray hares.  (Kids love it when you pull one of those from their head and ask why they have gray hairs at such a young age!)

These are silly, but fun.  The letters (and gray hares) are about 1.5 inches long.    You get two of each gag.   Whether you work them in magically or just take them from your pocket to use the gag, you will use them a lot.

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