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Transformer Card -- Blue back -- topological oddity

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Hard to know how to photograph this one, because during the course of the routine, the card transforms (hence the name) into a number of wild configurations -- inside out, back to back, and changes from one card into another.  This topological folding oddity is not really magical (in my opinion) because it seems like the change of one card to another is built into the strange folds of the card (which cannot really be examined).  But the folding sequence and the weird permutations of the card are extremely intriguing, and so will hold your audience spellbound, even if they ultimately do not feel that the Transformation card is as magical as it is puzzling.

Have a card selected, and then show a prediction card.  But the prediction is wrong.  So now you begin to fold the prediction into weird shapes, where backs and faces are seen on the same side, and pieces seem to be out of order, and finally, the face is shown again and it DOES match the selected card.

Transformation Card is really neat, and you will have fun playing with it and performing it.  I advise adding a few pieces of invisible tape to the seams and joints, as the card can become fragile after a lot of use.    (And you WILL use this alot!)     I added the tape to mine, and it works fine, and I am much more confident that I can handle it roughly during the folds without worry of accidentally breaking it.

Highly recommended.  Comes with Mark Mason DVD to teach you the handling.  Not hard to do, but you will need to learn the sequence of folds -- also not hard to learn!

Brand new with DVD instructions.   Blue back Bicycle card.

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