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52 on 1 Double faced with full card (set of 3) plus extra ideas

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My guess is that a lot of TMGS browsers will not click on and look at this item.  Good for you that you are reading this!  It means that even though you saw the old 52 on 1 gag in the picture, you know enough about good commercial magic to know that lay audiences LOVE this one, and you also know enough about TMGS to know we will offer you a good idea on how you might perform this for even stronger effect!

Here is what I suggest:   you have a card selected from the deck (say it is the 7D), and you show a prediction envelope.  You pull a bridge size card from the envelope showing all 52 cards on it -- "I told you I had your card in here!"   The audience laughs, and groans, and you tell them you really should do better.  Turn the card over to show a full size 7 of diamonds.  Real applause and amazement.  

End there or continue like this:    toss the prediction card on the table and have another card selected from the deck.  (Say it is the Ace of diamonds).  Explain to your audience that you won't tell them how you knew it was the 7D, but you will help them learn the gag part of the trick.    Tell them to go home and using their computer graphics program, they print a card with all 52 cards on it, so they can do the gag for people they know.  By way of demonstrating, you ask what card was selected.  When the spectator sdays Ace of Diamonds, you hand the prediction card to her and say, "here is where you show all 52 cards on one card, and everyone laughs.  Just make sure you point to the little version of the chosen card."  When the spectator looks at the 52 on 1 card, the Ace of Diamonds is circled in bold, indelible ink!

You get three 52-on-1 double facers (sorry, all 7 of diamonds), with my printed instruction sheet on how to perform the follow up routine, and other ideas to use the cards for extra mystery after the gag.

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