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Polyester Trial Pack -- hi-tech phone revelation

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Regular retail: $9.95
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Zivi Kivi of Israel has created a really weird and interesting new way to reveal a selected card.   He calls it Polyester (because the card value and suit magically appears in a small flexible polyester square...  but I'm getting ahead of myself).   Here's what the effect looks like:

The way Zivi performs it, he lets the spectator examine a small rubbery square (see the picture), and she can see through it -- it appears perfectly normal (or as normal as small rubbery squares can appear).  The square is pressed onto the screen of the spectator's smart phone (or use your own phone) and the spectator looks through the phone screen, using the QR code reader to scan the performer's hands as he does some card flourishes and pops a random card faceup on top of the deck.  (for example the 2 of clubs).   The small square is peeled off the screen and then pressed back in place, where the spectator can clearly see the card value embossed in the square.  (see picture again).

The embossed square can then be stuck on the back of your business card and given away as a souvenir.   It is very weird, and only Zivi knows hows these ghostly card images appear  :-)     You get five different card values, so it is not always the same card for repeat performances.

Polyester usually sells for $30 and comes with 250 squares and DVD instructions.  But I thought a lot of magicians should get a chance to try this neat effect out for less money, so I convinced Zivi to let TMGS sell a "Trial size" pack -- it comes with 45 Polyester squares, enough for a few practice sessions and about 40 performances.   This trial pack does NOT include the DVD instructions that come with the full Polyester outfit, but I have written up 4 pages of instructions that take you through two different handlings of the effect.

(I am not a smart phone person, and so the instructions show some other ways to use the squares on things like plastic boxes, the card box, or even the playing cards themselves -- all great for those of us who have dumb phones.  But the hi-tech phone version of Polyester is so impressive that I may have to go get a smarter phone!)

Give Polyester a try.   This special trial pack is only available here at TMGS.    Comes with 45 squares, instructions, secret value cheat sheet and instruction sheets.  (No phone included -- use your own, or perform non-phone versions)

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