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Stick It -- PLUS 50 extra refills (Magic Tao)

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Online Price

Save: $25.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

First thing I will say about this trick is that it is too expensive... unless you buy it here at TMGS.   The trick uses a specially designed sticker to effect a revelation of a freely thought-of card, and so you use one sticker for each performance.  The standard Stick-It package comes with 25 stickers for $30-$35.   (And you'll use up 4-5 practicing).  The refill pack comes with 50 stickers for $20.  But even if you buy both, that's still aboout $50 for 70 performances.   Almost $1 per performance?

Too expensive.  So we decided to sell both the standard package (which includes DVD instructions), PLUS a refill pack for about the price of the standard pack.  You'll get in a few practice tries, and then have 70 left for your audiences at about 40 cents a performance. 

So now that I got the high finance out of the way, let me tell you that this is a very neat effect.  You show an ordinary deck, and ask the spectator to name any card -- a truly free choice.  You pull the card from the faceup deck, and place it faceup on the top of the facedown deck.  Recap what happened -- she named any card, you removed it with no possibility of any switch or tricky maneuvers.  Hand her the faceup card she named, and she turns it over to find a silver sticker on the back that say's "Your card".    The rst of the deck is given to anyone to look at -- no other cards with stickers!   She can keep the card as a souvenir, and you can use the ordinary deck for any other card tricks (as long as you don't need the card you gave away!)

The effect costs so much because of the specially printed stickers which do all the work for you and make it easy.

Get this here -- 75 stickers, DVD instructions, and you use your own RED Bicycle deck.

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