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Six Mix -- original E&W version

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Another one of Larry West's "number card" packet effects that he put out in the packet trick flood of the 1970's that was precipitated by West and his magical friend Art Emerson, as well as Nick Trost and Phil Goldstein.  These four guys put out enough good small packet magic to keep us all counting and gliding 'til eternity.

Six Mix is a simple effect, but strong for lay audiences because they think they are a head of the magician, and also becase everything is examinable at the end.  Add to those benefits that the routine requires only one sleight (which is one of the first sleights that any card worker learns), and well... you have a good commercial effect you can do anytime.

Magi shows four cards facedown (really only four -- nothing tricky).   He shows the face card of the packet to be a green "6" and he deals it facedown onto the table.  He shows the new face card -- another green "6" and it gets dealt facedown onto the first six.  Once more, another green 6 is shown, and dealt down.  The last card is shown to be a green "9" -- but the spectators are wise to the fact that it is also a six...just turned around to look like a nine.  The four facedown cards are mixed and the spectator chooses one, that is put aside facedown.   The magi explains that it would be amazing if the spectator found the nine.  The spectators may not think so.  But he shows the three cards in his hand -- a green 6, a blue 7, a yellow 8.  And the card on the table turns out to be a red 9.   No gimmicks or extra cards -- just clever handling.

The choice of the final card is a bit contrived in my mind, but could easily be replaced with a simple equivoque process or "choose a number between 1 and 4" force.  It is not a big deal part of the effect so not a huge issue in an otherwise nice effect.

This is an original Emerson and West issue packet, from about 1978.  Cards are in like new condition.  The cards handle perfectly, which is not the case with some of E&W's cards as they get older.   Very hard packet item to find now.    Collector alert!

CONDITION NOTES:  previously owned, but original cards are in excellent condition, apparently unused.  Original instruction card and original vinyl wallet are also included.   The original clear printed plastic packet sleeve is NOT present or included, but everything else looks as new, despite being 40+ years old.

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