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TROST Twisting the Aces -- so good! so hard-2-find

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Early Trost packet effect, from about 1974.   I remember buying this for my own repertoire when I was a teenage magician, and I still use it every now and then, because as far as gimmicked versions of the classic Vernon Twisting routine, this one remains the best, bar none.  It does not have any of the fancy climax phases, where cards change color or change value.  Like the Professor's original routine, it is simple, pure magic.   And Trost's use of the specially printed gaffs (from Haines) makes the handling very clean and convincing -- it is a lesson in gaffed card handling by an undisputed card genius.

One by one, the aces turn over in the packet of (only) four cards.  Faces and backs are seen throughout.  It is very clean.  So clean I don't even mind performing it with the Aviator bridge cards that it was issued with!  

In 2019, I came across an extra set in a large lot of estate magic, and since I have a back-up set in my own collection, I offered it for sale.  It sold quickly, and in the last five years of selling estate magic, I have not come across this great trick again...   Until now.

I just found one more set of these    I still have a back-up set of this trick, so I am offering it to the another smart collector and performer who wants to also enjoy this masterpiece of gaffed card magic.

Although this set does NOT include the original package envelope, it does have all four original cards and the original instructions.    NOTE:  this set of cards does show some wear, particularly on the center pip of the Ace of Clubs, but the cards are all clearly recognizable and they still handle great for the necessary fans and displays.  (No sleights in this routine!).   

 Very hard to find now, as it did not get included when many of the other more popular Trost items were re-issued about 20 years ago.    Collector alert!   

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