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But Wait... Theres More -- funny card prediction (Set of TWO)

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If you are going to reveal a card prediction, why not have some fun at the same time?     

 The mental magi has a card chosen, (let's assume it is the 10 of hearts), and then shows his prediction... but it's the 2 of spades.  "I was predicting the back of your card."  he turns over the prediction and it shows a matching blue back design.  The spectators are not impressed.  (If they are, you need to find some real spectators and stop doing tricks for your parents.)   

BUT WAIT...there's more!   Undaunted, the magi unfolds the prediction to show a joker.  When the spectator says she did not select the Joker, you defend yourself by explaining that Jokers are always wild, so it represents any card.   Another disappointment for the audience...

BUT WAIT, there's more!  The prediction is unfolded once again, revealing all 52 cards.  (Admit it, we all love the age-old 52-on-1 gag!  And laymen do also.)   yet it still seems like an unsatisfying end to the prediction...

BUT WAIT, there's more!    The spectator is asked to name her card.  She says 10 of hearts.  Triumphantly, the magi unfolds the prediction showing a huge card -- the 10 of hearts.

The final prediction is about 15 inches by 20 inches.   You will use this alot, so we are selling these in sets of TWO different cards.  One is 10 of Hearts and the other is 7 of Diamonds, so you can have a different card if you perform regularly at the same venue.  And you also have it as a back up if one gets too worn or torn to use. 

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